Myths and Misconceptions about Oral Contraceptive Pills (OCPs) and Things that you need to know when you’re planning to take OCPs.


“With sex comes responsibilities, kaya ninang ako!”
A wise person once mentioned this to our friend after she got knocked up due to unprotected sex.

By: A&K Writer Kath Dizon

As a nurse and a former family planning counselor, I used to hear lots of scary and crazy things about taking Oral Contraceptive Pills (OCPs). Most people still do not accept these methods because it’s still a taboo topic in the Philippines and most people do not have the correct information regarding these methods.

Let’s not do the blaming game on this. People do not have information because of some reasons. They probably do not have access to health care, it’s against their beliefs, etc.

As a nurse, it’s really upsetting because it’s not only irresponsible but it is also dangerous for women to get pregnant right after giving birth. And I personally know  some people who do not practice protected sex so they end up getting pregnant immediately after giving birth.

Imagine a women being pregnant while still breastfeeding her newborn baby. Sad, right?

These are some of  the common questions I hear when I discuss the usage of Oral Contraceptive Pills.

  1. Nakakataba/Tumaba ako simula ng gumamit ako ng pills.

    Gaining or losing weight while taking OCPs depends on how the body will react to the pill that you are taking There are cases when two women take the same pills but have different reactions. Some women gain weight while others lose weight. Some may not experience any weight changes while taking pills. That’s why it’s important to consult your health provider before taking pills.

  2. Naiipon ang pills sa katawan ng babae.

    This is one of the most popular misconceptions regarding OCPs. Pills DO NOT GET ACCUMULATED INSIDE THE WOMAN’S BODY. That’s why health providers always advise women on OCPs to NEVER FORGET to take pills. One missed pill can cause pregnancy. So if pills are accumulated inside the woman’s body, we will never have to worry about getting pregnant if we miss a pill. Like everything else that we eat, we also flush it out.

  3. Nakakacancer ang Pills.

    Studies showed that the risk of getting cancer when you’re on OCPs is just the same when you’re not taking pills. However, there are OCPs that can prevent from getting some cancers.

  4. Nakakababa ng libido ang paggamit ng pills.

    Studies showed that most women on OCPs do not experience changes in their sexual appetite. Some women even feel more secure because they know they are safe from getting pregnant.


  5. Pills are abortifacient.

    I remember receiving a call regarding this and the woman I spoke to was beyond angry. She was downright irate. I remember her calling me an abortionist. A nurse who made an oath to protect and respect life. It is not just insulting. It is degrading. Pills are not abortifacient. When you take pills, you will not ovulate. And when you do not ovulate, there won’t be any pregnancies.



    These are just a few examples of the myths and misconceptions of using pills. There are different kinds of pills in the market. Yes, all of them need prescription, – although, there are still drugstores dispensing these pills without prescription- to be able to buy them.


    Pills can protect you from unplanned pregnancies; moreover, it can also help regulate hormonal imbalances.


    But before you rush to the drugstore to buy pills, remember that it is very important to consult your health provider before taking any medications. They can  help you choose which contraceptive method suits you.




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