April is just around the corner. And there’s one day that we need to watch out for. The first day of April, April Fools Day. Yup, that day. Some people hate this day because they don’t want to get pranked. But come on guys, we just need to loose up a bit, I mean people prank you or make fun of you on April fools day not because they hate you. It’s just April fools day. We need to stand up and just take it as man, or get even at least. Well if you do not want to get pranked, let me help you be cautious on the simple yet effective pranks that your friends and family members might do to you. Here are the 10 most simple and common pranks for April Fools Day.


1. The Wasabi Toothpaste

– Change or add the toothpaste tube with wasabi or any spicy flavoring and blue food coloring.

2. Nailed It

– This prank is for the ladies. Put some nail polish on your Husband/boyfriend while they are sleeping. Show him who’s the boss.

3. Flour Power

– Now for the guys. Put some flour on your lady’s hair blower. Well she might slap you on the face after this. Make sure you’re wearing a helmet.

4. Heart Stopper

– This one is a classic scare prank. Put on a mask, hide somewhere and prepare your loudest “BOO(s)”.

5. Invisible Shield

– All you need is a saran wrap. Wrap the toilet. Well you got the idea on what might happen. Also effective on doorways.

6. Shake what your mama gave you

– Shake the soda bottles and leave it somewhere. Someone might get thirsty. Just wait for it.

7. Water Bombs

– Fill those balloons with water. And let hell brake loose.

8. Egg Bombs

– Throw some raw eggs at ’em.

9. Eeewww, snot!

– Get paper towels fill it with paste or glue and stick it on someone’s face. Now run!

10. Oh, you drop something.

– Tell people they drop something and make them look for it.

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