AYA & KEITA are the first name of the Miyakawa Couple or A&K in short.

A&K PUBLISHING is a single proprietorship company registered by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) with Certificate No. 04184504 owned by the couple registered to the BIR under Tax Identification Number 220-214-692-000 of Arleen Ramos Miyakawa.

ARLEEN RAMOS MIYAKAWA is a Filipino Citizen and resident of Lot 7, Blk 17 Connecticut Street Borol 1st, Balagtas, Bulacan, 3016.

Office address of A&K PUBLISHING is at Ground Floor Unit 103 West Insula, 135 West Avenue, Bungad, Quezon City, MM (NCR) Philippines 1105. A&K MAGAZINE is the product of the publishing being the sales advertiser/promoter of ther YUMIHIRO group of companies. Materials are supplied by the owner before printing in Japan.

No text books published by A&K Publishing, only magazine.


Name of Company:                                         : A&K PUBLISHING

Company Owner:                                            : ARLEEN RAMOS MIYAKAWA

Office Address:                                                 : Ground Floor Unit 103 West Insula, 135 West Avenue,   Bungad, Quezon City, MM (NCR) Philippines 1105

Telephone No.:                                                : (02) 283-17-67

Email Address:                                                  : ankmagazine@gmail.com

Website:                                                              : ankmagazine.com

Magazine will continue reaching an expanded audience through strategic partnerships with leading professional networking groups.

A&K Magazine Vol. 1-5 Covers

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A&K Calendar 2018
Floral Year
Month of January-February

Model: Kelly Harris Bernal

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A&K Calendar 2018
Floral Year

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